Here’s an excellent article by Chelsea Vowel that explains in detail the meaning of the following terms:

  • native
  • indigenous
  • Aboriginal
  • Status Indian
  • non-Status Indian
  • Métis
  • Inuit
  • First Nations
  • Bill C-31 Indians
  • Bill C-3 Indians
  • Band membership
  • Treaty Indians

Chelsea’s bio says, “I am a Métis mother of four girls, step-mother to two more. I was born and raised in manitow-sâkahikan territory, (Lac Ste. Anne) which is a Métis community in Alberta, about 70 km west of Edmonton. My mom is Métis and my dad is white. My family are the Loyers, Callihoos, Belcourts and Gladues. I have a BEd and taught for some time in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. I obtained my LLB from the University of Alberta.”

You can learn more about Chelsea here.

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